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ACE Pharmaceuticals BV is a small pharmaceutical company. Our core business concerns two activities: medical need products and the manufacturing, packaging and supply of clinical trial material. 

Our medicines are developed, produced, registered and distributed by ourselves. 
For these medicines there exists a defined medical need (mostly small groups of patients) or a specific indication. Through our inventiveness medicines are given a new chance and patients can be treated adequately. So medical need products can stay on the market. 

At this moment approximately 50 people are working at ACE Pharmaceuticals BV.

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English product information is available for the following products:


ACEMAP®, penfluridol 20 mg, tablet, Penfluridol 20 mg
Non-licensed medicine 
ACES-TG® 10 and 20 mg, tablet6-tioguanine
Non-licensed medicine
Cytomel® 25 microgram, tablet, Liothyronine 25 microgram (as liothyronine sodium)
Licensed medicine, NL-RVG 108769
Di-Adreson®-F aquosum 25 mg, pfiPrednisolone sodium succinate 25 mg
Licensed medicine, NL-RVG 00093
ELMISOL® 5, 10, 25 and 50 mg, tablet Levamisole 5, 10, 25, 50 mg (as levamisole HCl)
Non-licensed medicine         
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